Yoga Retreats Rejuvenates

Washington DC too humid in the summer for you? Need to get away? The Republicans and Democrats giving you a headache? Take a vacation. Vacations are wonderful when you can afford them and when you need a break. A vacation can be a great source of released tension, a stress free, fun filled time and just a great way to work off some serious steam. Below find a list of 10 fantastic Spa Hotels for your vacation.

Mystica has a beautiful lake view and nature walks are available where the white faced capuchin monkey (commonly known as the organ grinder monkey) is often seen. There is a small playground for children. Mystica also features Yoga retreats san teresa and a tree top healing room.

Mystica Lodge is located just a few hundred yards up the road to Sabalito, off the road around the Lake. There are signs on the Lake Road to direct you.

Do some research and get to find out if there are any ongoing retreats that in the field of your career or line of the work you are in. It is very motivating to be around people who share the same thought processes as you. In such a retreat, you would get to share ideas and come up with new personal goals. You will also enjoy yourself more learning in a retreat than in a class. If you have a passion for what you do and what to improve, these are the best kind of retreats to go for.

Getting there: after landing in Cancun take a 5 minute cab ride to the ferry dock at Puerto Juarez. Ferries leave for the island every 30 minutes and cost about 7 dollars. I love Isla Mujeres and visit here every time I am in this part of Mexico. The beaches along the Northern tip of the island ( North Beach) have powdery white sand and clear calm water for great swimming. You can sip an ice cold drink under the many palm trees at one of the many beach bars or enjoy great snorkeling. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops as well in the town center which is just steps from the beach. You will notice there are no chain restaurants or hotels here, the islands residents run all of the businesses here and do not allow corporations to develop here.

Remember you are what you eat. Most retreats cook and prepare raw, vegan or vegetarian dishes. If you are a staunch meat eater, you will be surprised at how light and energised you feel after a few days of not eating meat. However, if the thought of not having any meat as part of your daily diet freaks you out, then make sure you find out when you book if meat dishes are included.

If you feel any kind of pain, stress or uneasiness, while practicing yoga with your instructor or at an yoga retreat, immediately stop the exercise and consult your doctor.

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