Who You Gonna’ Call?: Finding The Best Recruitment Agency For Your Company

The best engineer might make the worst manager. The best manager might make the worst engineer. The best sales person may be the last person on earth you’d hire for the sales managers job. The best doctor doesn’t run the hospital. Management is a job. A set of skills vastly different to any other. To be good at it is a gift, but not everyone is born to manage, all day every day.

When employees feel like they are not getting the right treatment they tend to lose focus and then they start to do what they want to do. Things like being late and missing a day here and there is nothing to them. They already feel like they won’t be working at a particular job too much longer, so they don’t have the same motivation as the company’s full time workers. That hurts the company in the end because when you get shorthanded it hurts everyone.

The key here is to understand the differences between your expectations of how a job will be done, the individuals expectations of how they would do the job, the needs of the job and the leadership required to support a team. Four factors and even then, the story is not finished. What if, the technical skill, the experience and the capacity of the individual you are considering for a job are perfect? Is that it?

You will find that once you purchase the franchise, the support structure they claim to provide within Human resources, Legal, Marketing etc will be passed down to an answering service that will require you to leave a message. You may be allowed to visit there website and at times they will return the phone call, but you will find that the person on the other end was only trained in the material given to you and has no field experience within the medical staffing industry.

Temping. One thing I hear all the time is, “Wow, I wish I had registered a long time ago!” If you’re unemployed, and you’re not registered with at least one Staffing Agency Portland, you’re basically turning down free help. Even if you’re collecting unemployment, temp work is your friend! Staffing agencies are free, plentiful, and basically an additional pair of eyes looking for work for YOU. For more info on how temping affects unemployment compensation, check out: Don’t let your unemployment checks cloud your job seeking judgment. If you’re just not sure about what temping involves and how the process goes, you can find those answers and more in Temping: How it works and why you should.

This person or persons, began as a full fledge corporation. They invested in an office, software and probably hired a staff to handle marketing and hired a secretary.

Cruelty to animals is banned. Cruelty to humans is not. Putting people in the wrong job, affects their health, family, relationship, happiness and ultimately their spiritual core. Both employee and employer need to be conscious of the pitfalls of “I can do anything: mindsets.

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