Viral Video: Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Friend In Japan

There is a lot of talk online about video marketing. Is it just hype, or is video ripe for the picking? As always you can separate that which is ripe from that which is hype, and you should make some serious judgments about how you want to approach video. As far as whether or not you should get into it – it’s a no-brainer. You must! It is here to stay and will only grow stronger as a marketing force.

Please let me emphasize here that these are real, not rhetorical questions; I don’t know the right answers. Neither, I suspect, does the advertising industry as a whole. And if you do, your comments are very welcome (scroll down).

The Phoenix haboob rocked its way through Phoenix this week, and the aftermath through both hit photos and viral videos of the dust storm have made a blasting impact on Twitter as well. It became a trending topic early Tuesday morning.

Don’t forget to promote your video! Although YouTube will do some promotion of your video based upon your video description and tags, you need to take some action. Some promotional tools you can use include posting your video to your blog, posting it to your website, emailing your list, and using social bookmarking sites.

If your video offers true value then it can become viral and a berita hari ini will drive massive traffic. If a video becomes viral then subscribers recommend it to their friends, who then recommend it to their friends and so on and the viewing number grows into the thousands very fast. Each of these subscribers will see your backlink and this will increase your web traffic.

There are so many viral videos that have been popular this past year, and we are going to highlight those on New Years Eve Washington DC. No one really knows why or how videos go so big, but we just know that they do. When videos are first posted on you tube then on the today show then every where else and on every e-mail site, search engine site, and social media site, there is something to be said.

Well these are 5 quick ways to generate free organic traffic. If you give your user valuable information then everyone will want to click through your link to see your offer and hopefully want to purchase your product.

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