Trade In Your Old Car And Earn More

When a person decides to buy a car, the first question he faces is used or new? Before deciding on this a person must take into account several factors such as his budget, needs, long term use or short term etc. A used car is ideal for people who plan to buy one for short term and for people with low budget. A used car will save you a lot of money in terms of initial cost, tax, insurance etc. But at the same time keep in mind that the maintenance cost associated with a used car will be high, especially if its reliability factor is low. A new car on the other hand comes with added costs – initial costs like price of vehicle, tax and insurance will all remain high. Here I am adding some important tips to keep in mind while buying used cars.

Make a lower offer. Don’t be afraid to make a lower offer. If they are asking $15,000, offer $13,000. If the salesperson believes you will really buy a car, he/she will go down in price, and maybe you will then get the car for $13,800 or thereabouts.

We felt reasonably equipped to go out to face the dealers, and were tremendously surprised to find out we weren’t. We had picked out the cars we wanted, but they (the dealers) had a different agenda.

car dealers website design or mechanics: In some cases mechanics, with their own business, are interested in viewing old vehicles. Some of the time they buy these cars for a low price and then just make a few of the necessary repairs and then sell them off and make a bit of a profit.

Of course, you are very well aware that the repair for a windshield could get quite costly. A chip from a rock could cost you around $40 to $50 dollars. That is for just one chip. Now think if there any additional chips. That means you would have to shed an extra $10 for each additional one. As per repairing cracks, the principle and the price is still the same.

If you do not have this in your deal, then look for an auto repair shop that handles the specific car you have. If you have an SUV or a van, look for legit auto repair shops that service these types of cars.

When you go to the dealer to buy a used car, ask to see the maintenance records. Whenever I trade a car in I always leave the receipts for any oil changes, tune ups, repairs, etc., in the glove box. That way the next owner can see how well the car has been maintained. Of course, I don’t really know if that information is sold with the car or gets discarded. I have never bought a used car.

Personal Contract Purchase. Here a deposit of usually 20-25% is paid followed by a low monthly rental type payment. At then end of the agreed term usually 36 months, a final or balloon payment is made to make the vehicle yours. This is known as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. If you choose not to make this payment, you hand the car back with no extra payments, but you don’t get back your deposit. If you wish to part exchange the car for something else, it is valued by the garage and if it is worth more than the GMFV that is the deposit on the new car, if it is worth less, you will not have to make up any shortfall. This is a convenient way to fund a car every two to three years of so if you can get together the deposit.

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