Public Speaking: Why Use Humor?

Small business owners need to make sure that they are being the most productive at the lowest cost possible. That is why there are many apps available for businesses of all sizes.

The problem most people have with books is that they think that they aren’t useful to them since after reading it you will forget it anyway. And that’s where so many people go wrong. You can’t just read a book you also have to apply the knowledge you gained through it.

Knowing your listeners is imperative to a successful speech. It will also help you relax if you know the people who are going to listen to your presentation.

The second concept is tailoring your message to your audience. What does this mean? Well, if you were talking to a 73 year old woman, would you talk to her about playing hockey? I think not. The same is true if you were talking to an audience of financial advisors. You would focus on what would be important to that group, not telling going into a long winded explanation how to do the classic 4 step approach for bowling.

But learning how to talk in front of someone is very important. How else can you get a job or run a business? With no presentation training, it is hard to communicate your feelings with others.

Eight: Use movement. It is OK to move around with purpose. Use eye contact, gestures, and passion in your presentation. This will make you more effective as a speaker.

For less than one dollar you can have a Dale Carnegie coach in your pocket. The app includes 90 minute videos for every situation, time tested worry principles, human relations principles, valuable tips for motivating you and your team, and a daily dose of confidence. No matter how many Dale Carnegie books you’ve read or how many trainings you’ve attended, it is always good to have a pocket reference. And this is a lot of reference information for a small price.

The biggest mistake most people make when setting out to get public speaking training is incorrectly assuming that joining public speaking clubs and associations or taking a night class will give then the skills to get the results they want. You need to be 100% clear about what results you’re hoping to get via public speaking. With that clarity, then you’ll need to look for professional public speaking trainings that can help you to reach those specific goals. Ask lots of questions so you can evaluate which public speaking training will actually be able to deliver the skills and abilities so you can reach your goals.

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