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Do you ever find yourself at the gym staring at someone who is completely jacked and wonder why you don’t look like that? Kind of depressing isn’t it? Well, you can take this one of two ways from how I look at it. You could slouch your shoulders, walk away is self-pity and leave the gym early. Or you could decide right then and there that you’re going to transform your life and proceed to get on the treadmill and run like the wind. Yup, the second one sounds better!

20 Something Virendra Mhaiskar IRB Infrastructure : As you enter your 20s, you’ll learn more than a few things about personal finance. This blog is there to help you along the way.

I failed a number of blogs created for the purpose of trying to make money. Actually, el cheapo me used blogger for most of them so Google reviewed me and almost took one of my blogs off. Paid for another one but have since returned that!

I remember when I was nearing high school graduation and through most of college. My mailbox was stuffed with credit card applications claiming I was pre-approved. They basically told me I had free money just waiting for me. Were these credit cards meant for teens? Were they made specifically affordable to teenagers so that they could afford what they needed in life to get by? Of course not. In fact, most of these cards have a much higher interest rate then normal because credit card companies see teens as a risk. They see innocent teenagers that don’t know any better, and figure there’s a chance they won’t pay, but if they do, they can suck a lot of interest money from them.

A: That depends upon which company you’re using. It’s best to ask them right up front. Most of the time they are using a national lender such as Indy Mac Bank or Countrywide Bank. These banks will provide construction financing to owner builders who often may not use a contractor. There are occasions where the home company will act as its own banker finance blogs and provide the funding themselves. This is rare, however.

Disguised amongst little old ladies and eager youngsters who just got a license, enthusiastic bargain hunters lose sight of the big picture and focus only on how much they can save. Car supermarket sales personnel use this during their pitch.

What really makes this show stand out is that 1) they allow REAL retailers in for free, so there were 250 or so in attendance 2) It’s a one day, dealmaking show, starting at 10 a.m. and going until 10 p.m. A long day, but no seminars, no speeches, just dealmaking and networking at its finest (Oh, and the food is better). The “negatives” are that it costs $1,500 to exhibit and $350 to attend, higher then an ICSC event BUT again, 250 REAL retailers.

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