Inspect Your Trees Before They Fall Down

Tree removal is as important a part of life as tree planting. While the latter ensures a greener planet, the former makes way for removal of dead, decaying and hazardous tress for the safety of life and property. Tree planting can be done by an individual or an organization but tree removal is not a task to be done randomly by anyone using an axe. It requires specialized machinery and equipment and the help of a proficient tree removal service.

This falls in the “d’oh” category of eminently sensible things to do. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered the real reason for a tree skirt was not to “stage” those fabulously decorated Christmas presents, but to catch falling pine needles. We use an inexpensive tree skirt that is a foot larger than the circumference of the Christmas tree, and catch those dry needles as they fall. Pretty simple, eh? After the tree is taken down, the skirt is brought outdoors and given it a good shaking to get rid of the pine needles.

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But I digress; aluminum trees don’t resemble “real” trees at all. It is the plastic ones that give fake trees a bad name. Depending upon era and quality, the fake plastic tree looks like a fake plastic tree. In recent years technology has given us artificial trees that look nearly identical to cut trees, but without the “Christmas tree aroma”. But there are products on the market that can remedy that. That’s another story.

Prepare the roots of the tree properly. Regardless if the tree is wrapped in burlap at its roots or is being transplanted from a container; make sure to loosen the soil packed around the roots before you proceed. Let the roots breathe and separate from its compact wrapping.

Ski resorts like Steamboat have a special interest in keeping the trees alive. Trees act as a natural wind break. They keep the Champagne Powder where it belongs–on the slopes–and not two counties over.

If you mow to maintain a healthy lawn often clippings can remain on the lawn, if you are trimming more than an inch from the lawn catching the clippings is recommended.

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