How To Home School High School On The Road

Delight-directed learning includes helping your kids follow whatever pursuits come naturally to them. If perhaps your kids are aching to go to a health care camp, or perhaps dive into a new orchestra performance, that’s delight-directed learning, which takes place naturally. Normally this is most obvious in sporting activities. Our family did summer swim team. Other families may really dive into music and art.

I guess it is challenging to have faith in these types of youths. With them only changing out of fear or to satisfy others. It takes them a long time to look down within them to save themselves in this contrary society where some crimes of society and the self are rewarded. They find the devil to be their best friend, for if the devil who was portrayed by the cat and fox was not there he would of not fell victim to his own desires and faults that brought him to near death. This is the point your friend the devil asks you to listen to his brother Christ to earn your life through hand and mind and not his short road of promises that takes years to walk. Or loose it.

In show of success he is to reward himself and his father with new clothes. But he hears the Blue fairy is sick in the hospital from loneliness. For somewhere out there there is the perfect mate who is dying slowly for you to save your life so you can finally see them. For in the Grail Story, Percival does not see his wife until he save himself. True love does not ever see us until we see it in ourselves. But they can pine away waiting for that day or settle on second best and linger if we take too long.

Some will say “always show your work” and others will say “why show work, anyway?” I think we should take a step back and think about it from a different perspective. Your job is not to make her show her work or not. Your job is to make sure she LEARNS, right? Some children will learn best by showing all their work, and others find the work too repetitive or boring, so giving an oral answer makes sense (like we did for elementary level math.) So maybe our best strategy is to make her show as many answers as she needs to in order to learn.

I can come up with a few recommendations. If you are planning to travel for an prolonged time, give consideration to taking a Quantitative Aptitude Math Book. If you can encourage your children to be regular with math, it will allow YOU to feel as if the year is not misused. It is rather simple to accumulate three science credits for high school even though you have a year off. Math skills, however, are often lost if they are not used. If you ask them to do a little bit of math each day, it may help them to maintain that information. Even when they only accomplish a few problems, it can help maintain those skills! When they are doing work at a high school level in math, think about buying an SAT work book, and just working on a couple of math problems every day.

Another exercise is identifying pictures that start with a certain letter. There may be a page that has pictures on one side of the page and letters on the other side of the page and the child is asked to draw a line from the letter that begins the name of the picture.

Not that you shouldn’t be willing to listen to listen to ideas you don’t understand or agree with, but when the subject is so deep that you feel like you have spent the last hour standing there with egg on your face, because you don’t have a clue about the topic, it’s time to do something to keep from looking like a total dunce.

My second recommendation is to take a journal. Having your kids write their experiences every day can help solidify their learning. It will offer daily practice with writing, and give you a place to record everything they did and learned. When it comes time for a transcript, you can read over those activities, and catalog them into different classes. It’ll help you estimate the hours spent on each course, which will help you with figuring out the credit value.

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