Hand Paintings With Acrylics – Family Therapy Turned Hobby

Drugs are a big problem. Drugs can steal the best years from someone’s life. They can ruin other people’s lives. They can cause illness and in the worst case death.

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Addiction is an insidious and all consuming sickness and rarely occurs in a vacuum. Li-lo’s issues reach far and wide into her family dynamics, all of whom are sporting their own special brand of addiction as well. They’ve turned into fame whores and are so drunk with the notion of celebrity and money, their kid is dying in front of them and they can’t see it.

Everything that your spouse does should be like an open book for you now. There shouldn’t be locks for the cell phone or computer. You should have access to all passwords as well. Although in normal marriage relationships it is never advisable to go through your spouse’s private things, after an affair it can help to rebuild the trust and save your marriage.

Intimacy seems to be the buzz word in the world of marriage and counselling and psychological services in Singapore these days. And intimacy is touted by some as the solution to almost every problem. Yet intimacy does not have to be a complicated matter and it ain’t rocket science.

Well, excuse me but my husband was considered to be quite a hottie when I met him, and he still is, in his own sweet way. Fortunately, I had the good sense to marry that guy, because he turned out to be a keeper.

Visit your in-laws only as often as you are comfortable, and allow their participation in your baby’s life at the level that feels right to you. With your partner’s support, your mother-in-law will come to accept her natural place as a grandmother. And in time, you will feel increasingly secure in your position as a mother. Remember, too, that your mother-in-law is adjusting to sharing her child with his new family. If she is living vicariously through you it may have much to do with her loneliness in her own marriage. You cannot change this for her.

This is only the start of things that you can do to help when you are wanting to “stop my divorce”. Quit talking about it and start acting on it. Your marriage will only have a chance to survive if you are willing to act.

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