Finding The Easy Path To Great Public Speaking

Public speaking is a hard pill to swallow. Being assigned to speak in front of a crowd, no matter how short your speech is, is hard to somebody who does not have any skills in that area. Don’t we all just envy the person who is comfortable in public speaking? Is a person born with those kind of skills at all?

Think of the last time you spoke passionately about something to a friend or colleague. Chances are you weren’t feeling nervous or at a loss for words, and most likely you left little doubt about your feelings and position on the subject. When delivering your opening statement, create that same strong need for the jury to understand where you and your client stand. The stronger your desire is for them to listen, the less you’ll focus on yourself.

About a year into it, we went into a studio and recorded a sample demo CD and began to market our band through the Advocate Newspaper, doing our own public relations. We created a logo, designed a front and back image, made T-shirts, and sold our merchandise or used it as premiums.

He captured world’s attention on 10th February 2008 through his famous speech announcing his candidature for the President ship given on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Illinois. The whole world watched his historic victory speech on 4th November 2008 when he became the 44th President-Elect. Obama’s speeches remind us the power of words but we know we may not be able to speak like him. Rather we may not even want to speak like Obama. But may be we can learn from the way Obama speaks in order to influence and inspire our audiences.

More and more busy professionals are turning to online solutions as a smart choice to build presentaion skills. The reasons are simple. Low cost, convenient and extremely flexible. Exactly the opposite of an in-person training or elite coaching with a media expert.

Knowing the venue and being there early is half the battle. Try to get a feel of the place. Stand on the stage or where ever you are suppose to deliver your speech. Try to visualize your audience listening to your speech.

Plus, no one can copy you. No one else can tell your stories. Connect with your audience with genuine care and attention to your story. Share stories that will have importance and relevance to the people in the room.

Good delivery of your speech is just as important as the speech itself. In your delivery, you want to engage your audience, get them excited and interested. Eye contact is one way to draw them in. Look around at your audience, and get eye contact with people while you speak. Gestures will help to enliven your delivery. Use big gestures sparingly, but moving your arms, hands and head will stop you looking too rigid. Don’t be afraid to move around during your delivery. Avoid moving too much, as this can be a distraction, but you can use a change in position, such as stepping into another area, as a way to signify a transition to another point in your speech.

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