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Have you ever noticed how your pet dog loves sleeping beside you in your bed? You frequently tell your dog to get off but it just wont listen to you. Yes, you adore your pet, there’s no question about it. However, you just can’t let your dog sleep beside you no matter how adorable it may seem. Admit it, the way your dog snores and drools in your bed really keeps you up at night. In situations like this, you should finally get your dog its own dog bed.

There is a huge variety of luxury pet beds available today to give your dog the best in comfort and durability. Some types of pet beds you may have heard of, others you and your dog have only dreamed of. Read more to find out just what is available for your pet today.

Will my dog destroy it? When ever you buy a new piece of furniture for your house, or a new toy for your dog, you are probably going to wonder how long it will last. Well, the Kuranda Hundeseng is guaranteed to be chew proof. One of the main reasons for this is that the material of the bed is confined with in its edges. There are no loose edges or overlaps here, so your dog will not be able to get his teeth to the fabric. And if your dog does somehow manage to destroy the Kuranda dog bed, you will be covered by their one year replacement warranty.

All extra-small dogs have their weight around or under 10 lbs and this includes dog breeds like the Chihuahuas, small terriers, poodle and any other miniature or teacup dog breeds. Most of the dog beds designed for small or extra small dogs as well as cats should be almost 19″ long and 19″ wide or even smaller. The nesting type of dog beds should have a diameter of less than 22 inches.

These beds are perfect for your aging pet that struggles with climate control. He can’t reach the thermostat (you probably don’t want him to anyway), so the next best thing is to heat and cool his bed. This bed is recommended by veterinarians for puppies and recovering dogs as well, and works for all climates and seasons.

Console dog car seats are small, enclosed platforms for your pet to sit securely in during car rides. They attach via straps to the center console between the driver and passenger seats. They are designed for small dogs no heavier than 8 pounds and come with a second set of straps to secure pet firmly and comfortably in place.

The second thing you should look for is price. Unless you have unlimited money to spend on your dog you really don’t want to pay more than you have to for a good bed. Doing some comparison shopping will help you to find a comfortable bed at a reasonable price.

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