Christian Codependency: Four Beliefs That Prevent You From Nurturing Yourself

Accidentally going out for lunch today, I realized it was Black Friday as everyone and their mother (except my mother) trampled passed me for the best deals.

Yesterday New York announced that same sex marriage was now going to be legal in their state. This is going to become the norm in years to come as the world gets closer and closer to Christian apologetics the days of Noah before the flood.

What is the generally recognized definition of “religion”? Well, there’s more than one meaning, as might have been expected. American Heritage dictionary’s first definition applies to monotheistic religions: “Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe,” which also is “a particular integrated system of this expression.” Secondly, religion can mean “the spiritual or emotional attitude of one who recognizes the existence of a superhuman power or powers.” These sound innocent enough, right? If a person is a theist, they generally think of God as good and as the ultimate example of goodness.

Since materialism is the god of many consumers, anything is worth the sacrifice: long lines, deep debt and litle sleep. Denver is no exception. Last year’s trampling of a Wal-mart worker to death epitomizes the obvious: too many people have gone too far. If only some pastor, parent or friend had told those murders that their earlier rude behavior, short tempers and excessive debt indicated a soul dissatisfied with God’s providence, perhaps one more person would have been alive. Or maybe they would have never listened–or worse, never cared.

There will come into play a so called unity of faiths and many presuppositional apologetics denominations will comply to maintain tax exempt status with their governments. People will be of the opinion that there are many ways to God and that we all serve one God and religions will begin to merge to a one world religion.

When it comes to working with my hands, I employ someone good. I could take a 6 inch by 6 inch piece of metal, draw a straight line, start filing it down, to make the metal straight and get down to a half inch by 6 inch piece and still not have a straight line. I was useless. I was placed in ‘the tech’ which was the red bricked building in the picture. There were two Brothers that taught here. Brother Brien, who was a complete gent, I canoed with him and his brother, who also was a christen brother. They also had a sister who was a Sister (a nun). I got Brother Roche.

14, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses is great if you have a hip dad who wants to rock out for the father daughter wedding song. Just remind him not to hurt himself during the guitar riffs.

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