Are You In Need Of A Personal Life Coach?

Becoming a Certified Life Coach is a dream that many individuals have. They have that dream in their heart for many reasons. They may want to help more people in a bigger way, be their own boss, they may want more freedom, they may want to make more money, or they may want to own their own coaching practice. But many people keep their dream of coach certification hidden in their heart and they never move forward.

Improve the needed skills. Hone the skills required when writing high quality articles. These include SEO, writing, proofreading, and research skills. Most of the time, constant practice and getting tips from the expert will do the trick. However, if you feel that these are not enough, go ahead and attend training programs and relevant seminars. Also, find relevant tools in the online arena that you can make use of.

Another effective way to use future pace for mental rehearsal is have life coaching online your client imagine the situation in the future and mentally practice road blocks that may come up. For instance in the above example, how to answer certain difficult questions, how to respond to applause, how to handle a mistake in the speech etc.

Benefit #2.) With email coaching, you also get a chance to write out your emotions. With my clients, I ask specific open-ended questions and assign “homework” each day (or every few days) to allow you to think, write, reflect and write some more, and then send me your responses. After you have had a chance to really get your guts out on paper (well, on computer screen), you can re-read your own answers and learn so much about yourself. After I respond to your emails, you will get even more insight and a fresh perspective on things you once thought had no other way to be viewed. Writing down your ideas, thoughts & feelings is therapeutic in itself.

So, over the past two and a half years, my life has changed dramatically. I have left my psychology practice of 20 years and am retooling as a life coach. I am in the process of starting a new business, Phoenix Rising Coaching, a business designed to provide life coach certification to people in transition who want to thrive following change. is the most popular software for blogging. It’s easy to use, once you learn the basics, and extremely flexible in design. You’ll need to have it installed on your hosting account so that you can actually start the nuts and bolts of blogging. Most hosting accounts have a tool called Fantastico that will walk your through the installation.

The life coach tips that were given to you earlier will help you in finding the best company to get your training from. But that will not be the sole determinant of success. The results that your clients enjoy out of the life coaching tips you have given them will best determine whether you have a good coaching career.

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