10 Types Of Fishing Lures That Can Help You Catch The Big One

Two very different guys are supposed to try to survive together in various situations. Both are survival experts, but their approach is completely different. One is a barefoot hippie, who hasn’t worn shoes or long pants in over 20 years, and the other is a tough military man who believes Mother Nature is his enemy. This is the recipe for this truly interesting and often comical show.

As the different Bass fish like to stay in dissimilar bodies of water you will need to look at the nest types of best fishing lures that you can buy. These will include ones like maribou jigs, curly tail grubs, spinners and others. The companies which make these interesting look best fishing lures are one like Strike King Lures. You should realize that purchasing any of the lures from such brand name companies can sometime be expensive.

If the jig head is peeling you can sand it down and then repaint to give it a fresh new look. However, if the hook has rusted it is probably not worth putting on a new skirt or repainting the head. Just go ahead and discard it.

Wash Your Hands – Largemouth bass have very sensitive noses and if they detect unnatural scents they are much less apt to bite your offering. This is why making sure that your hands are free of unnatural scents is so important. This can be accomplished by using odor neutralizing soap to wash your hands or by spraying a fish attracting scent onto your bait/bass custom hard swimbaits. Clean your hands of unnatural scents and you will get more bites it’s as simple as that.

Jigs are a heavier bait with a lead head and usually a single hook. They are very versatile because they are useful in cloudy AND clear water types and can be used during all times of the day. The jig is most effective when the water temp is less than 60 degrees.

Rainbow trout cannot resist the urge to nibble at flat fish. This type of lure is effective in an area which hosts a substantial rainbow trout population. Ensure you have the right size as they are designed to mimic the exact prey at that particular point. Smaller sizes are usually the best in most situations though larger ones can catch bigger fish.

If the walleyes are suspended off the bottom , count your jig for walleye down to different depths after you cast then begin to reel your line in. When you get a strike make sure you remember your count. (I right it down). Then repeat the same count on the next cast.

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