10 Best Oprah Book Club Selections

Two friends since the second grade, formed a musical duo back in high school and started writing lyrics over homemade beats. Fast forward to 2012, that duo is becoming a hot name in the lyrical hip-hop scene here in the Michigan music industry. Chaotic Concept has been spending countless hours behind the scenes learning the industry and making progress, not only musically but creating a large fan base.

Have fun and be creative. One way to engage and keep the interest of your reader is to be sure to keep your memoir interesting. It’s not a day-to-day account; instead a memoir is a presentation of a collection of amusing anecdotes or stories.

This short novel about the time Wiesel spent in a concentration camp as a child during the Holocaust is an absolute must-read. Wiesel’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel was first published in 1958. It became an Oprah Book Club selection in 2006.

I’ve been trying to analyze why I’m fuming after reading comments about the upcoming new suspense novel by SW Vaughn, entitled Devil’s Honor. The author submitted a chapter and synopsis for an “honest” review by a self-proclaimed paragon of publishing expertise. I know this book well and was enraged when I read the comments. Not just miffed. Not just ticked off. Truly and properly livid. I’ve had to wait a few days to write about it, because I was afraid I’d lash out in an unprofessional way if I let the emotions curdle on the page.

If you recursos litearios thought that all classics were difficult and boring reads you have never read Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Steinbeck published his classic “Kane and Abel” story in 1952. Oprah chose the book as one of her book club selections in 2003. This interesting read is very difficult to put down.

There are plenty of databases (not unlike baby name databases) that will provide the cultural origin of the name as well as its literal translation and cultural meaning. This is a fun way to find an unexpected name for your cat that is not only uniquely memorable, but meaningful as well.

As there are no clear answers to the riddle of Shakespeare, the doubting scholars are of the view that somebody else has written the plays that are credited to William Shakespeare.

But there is no agreement among the scholars about any of these substitutes. On the other side of the fence are scholars who have no doubts about Shakespeare at all. In fact they assert that Shakespeare indeed wrote the plays and there should not be any question regarding his authorship claim at all.

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