Total Hardness And Water Quality

You will love it, when you have Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water right at your own room-sink or bath. Having filtered drinking water is a luxury that generally only the rich afford, but is not expensive at all.

This is the Mack daddy of the whole business, your life blood. DO NOT portable water softener SKIMP ON IT! However, having said that there is the line of overkill you do not need to cross either. I say, two group maximum, if you need more power or want a backup, get a one group as well.

These are the types you see in the food store bulk coffee aisle. Be sure to get the full scale version, not the shorter one. The only difference I can see is the taller one is easier to get a bag under to grind beans for customers. The shorter one is not! Try to have one grinder for regular and decaf, and another for flavored coffee if you will serve it. Using the same for all three will make the regular and decaf coffee taste like the flavored coffee. This grinder will need proper maintenance and burr replacement after so many hours as well. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on this.

This is all well and good if you want a water softener, but what if you don’t? After all, best compact water softener can cost a thousand dollars or more, and that’s a lot of money if you don’t want one.

Jim: Yeah and again, it’s easy to remove with a good whole house carbon filter, or you can aerate it. Another issue is this hydrogen sulfide, that rotten egg smell. For years people thought that is just an aesthetic concern and I get great customers. I had one guy whose daughters were insisting that he do something, because they would smell like that going to school.

There are several types of water filtration cooler systems you can get for your home. The system you choose will depend on your space, budget and needs.

However, you should know that if you have a water-softening unit, you would not have to worry about the spots, but the holes. You will not be able to tend the life of the clothes, but you should be able to keep them from looking dingy and keep their bright colors. Your whites should be able to stay white. The holes come into play after several washes. Remember, you are using salt to treat your water and it has plenty of strong compounds that can break down your fabrics.

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