The Fact About Wikipedia That No One Is Suggesting

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedic, multilingual, free content and an encyclopedia. It is edited and maintained by volunteers using a model that relies on collaboration in a closed manner. This uses wiki-style editing. Wikipedia was established in January 1996 as a worldwide, free content encyclopedia. It is currently being edited and reviewed by volunteer editors. Wikipedia is today one of the most popular sources of information on the web. Wikipedia has steadily grown to become one of the top search results for virtually any key word in the English language. Wikipedia was also named one of the Top Internet Websites for the third time in its history.

Wikipedia was created by and is managed by a non-profit organisation known as the United States National Academy of Sciences with the help of the United States National Science Foundation. The site was established after the first version of Wikipedia was developed by Wales. Wales later became the founding member and currently serves as the chief executive officer of the organization. Wikipedia is considered to be a neutral reference point that is free from editorial pressure and commercial interest. Wikipedia contributors provide their professional expertise and personal knowledge about a broad range of subjects that span a variety of disciplines and philosophical strands.

Wikipedia was designed to allow people from all around the world could exchange their knowledge and expertise on particular subjects. For instance, if you are a student in engineering and are seeking articles about that topic you can find them on Wikipedia. Wikipedia articles are also useful for lawyers. Wikipedia article may also be utilized by an attorney, lawyer, doctor, or other professional to voice their opinions on a particular case or issue. Wikipedia articles are generally considered reliable and non-profit because the money from advertising revenue is used to fund maintenance of the site and for information content.

In order to help maintain the integrity and credibility of Wikipedia It is vital that all contributors have the ability to edit the same Wikipedia articles. Wales created the Wikipedia Foundation, which is an organization that is non-profit. The goal of the Foundation is to coordinate and oversee all aspects of Wikipedia including the management of the website, while maintaining copyright ownership over the intellectual property of the Foundation. Wikipedia contributors have the option to seek either protection or freedom from third party arbitration when they feel their work has been violated. Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia. This means that anyone can write an article, and then be edited by thousands more people from all over the world.

Wikipedia is unique in the sense that it was not established as a free encyclopedia rather, as an information resource and education. Wales insists that the decision to allow editing was a collective decision taken and not a separate decision made by the contributors. Wikipedia is not a commercial enterprise and there are no advertisers on the Wikipedia website.

Wikipedia is run by a group comprised of editors and contributors who are volunteers. It is backed by the United States National Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering. The University’s Center for Information Technology Services manages Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not affiliated to the National Academy of Sciences and has no financial sponsors.

Wikipedia was founded with the intention of providing people with an online encyclopedia for free that could act as a hub of information about a specific subject, not just repeating facts from other sources. However, as time passes, some sources have disputed the usage of Wikipedia as a credible source of information. The Wikipedia editors who wrote the smoking article stated on September 12, 2021 that “pages were blocked because of a technical issue”. They stated that 6 pages out of 40 were affected by the blocks and they planned to replace them. The editors of Wikipedia have decided on the 5th of April, 2021 to remove all references to pages that were removed from other websites.

Wikipedia is a fantastic source of information and for those of you who are unfamiliar with wikis or don’t know what Wikipedia is, it is an encyclopedia created by users that provides accurate information on particular subjects, or a collection of subjects such as music, art and business, medicine and more. Additionally, the encyclopedia is edited by individuals known as “contributors” who add information to the Encyclopedia. The information they add can vary from a few sentences, to an extensive article. If you are looking for quality articles to add to your personal or business’s Wikipedia page look at this fantastic resource.

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