The Effect Of Spectacular Science Fiction On Martial Arts

After the high of a workshop where you’ve learned all these new ideas, there often comes a feeling of let down. Many of my clients tell me that when they first learned of law of attraction they felt that exalted and excited, eager to begin applying all they just learned feeling. Then a few days later they start to be aware of some feelings of disappointment, let-down, pessimism, and frustration. There is even a term for it. It is called ‘workshop burnout’.

You can study different kinds of rocks together, and maybe, collect a few. With a reference book or Science workshop the internet as a resource you can try to identify and label your rock collection. Although the rocks may not consist of spectacular pieces of earth, a rock collection is a great way to study how different rocks are made, and how it affects their properties. Having a rock collection will turn your child into an unwitting geologist.

When you research, use “live” rather than “dead” sources as much as you can, or as much as you need to. A dead source is anything you find in a book, magazine article, a document, online, or any other place it is written down on recorded. A live source is when you get your information by talking to people who have had the experience you’re writing about. In the examples above, Cindy used dead sources–and her imagination–to get her science fiction story right; Arthur Hailey and I used live sources for our research.

While in college, I wrote a story for a writing workshop about a custodian cleaning the morgue during the graveyard shift. He has a habit of drinking on the job and is a little tipsy, so he believes that one of the bodies dropped off for an early morning autopsy is really alive but is in a coma. I had never been in a morgue so I called Lincoln General Hospital and asked if I could come over and take a look. A nice fellow showed me around the morgue (the first thing I learned is they didn’t like to call it the morgue; on the door was a sign that said “Clinical Evaluation”), and I went home and wrote the story.

These days, there are lots of Science games that you can buy. A lot of kids enjoy playing games such as puzzles, crosswords and ‘fill in the blanks’. Children will be able to pick any kind of games to start having fun with. It doesn’t matter how the kids choose to play the science games, they’re still in the position to learn their Science workshop lessons efficiently. These kinds of games are actually created for different age ranges of children.

Many times children are daunted by the challenge of having to create a project. Chances are that the first science related project your child will create will not be a success. This can be very discouraging for a young child, and many times if we don’t help out or pay attention they may develop a defeatist attitude towards challenges. It is up to us as parents to help come up with encouraging science projects for kids.

I’d drag her up the big hill behind my house and she’d play “archaeologist” or “detective” with me. That is, until I fell down the hill head first, broke a tooth, and hurt my foot! Here’s one that my kids still tease me about: We’d go to a store with our parents, and off on our own, we’d “follow” people, pretending to be detectives. I had a pen, yes a pen, which I’d talk into, as it was my secret phone. Sometimes when I misplace a phone, my kids will hand me a pen, and say, “Here, use this”!

Those four points are, according to me, some key differences between The Science of Getting Rich book, available in PDF for copyright reasons, and other Law of Attraction books.

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