Making Wreaths Is One Of The Traditional Christmas Craft Ideas

A great skill to learn is candle making. So many people want to learn how to make candles for different reasons. Some may be looking for a new hobby. For others candle making is part of a profitable business. So if you are interested in making candles, whatever the reason, you begin by acquiring all the start up materials.

The base note is the last of the scents that you are going to pick up on. It fills the room after the middle note has dissipated and it has a powerful fragrance that is heavy and strong. When the flame is extinguished you can still smell the base note. Fragrances such as sandalwood are base notes.

Use a dropper when you add liquid color dye. Using a dropper will enable you to come up with a mixture that is precisely proportioned which is very useful if you need to reproduce a candle with the same color shade. Let your creative juices flow as you mix colors.

Soy wax is made from soybeans. Because soybeans are commonly raised in the mid west USA, it is easy to find in many crafting stores. One rumor floating around the Candle making community is soy is water soluble. In fact, this is far from the truth. Think about it. If soy wax was water soluble you would have a world without any soy wax candles. A simple concept. Yet, soy waxes are prevalent in almost every candle shop in America and abroad.

The next key element is the wax. The type of wax that you will use to make your candles will be determined by the type of candles you are going to make. As you get more seasoned with the candle-making process, you can experiment. But, initially, you should use the type of wax that is specified for that particular type of candle. Container candles take a soft wax, votive candles take a medium wax and if you are making pillar candles, you need to use a hard wax.

Candle making kits can vary from supplier to supplier, but most contain enough material to produce one candle or more. The kits are designed for grown ups and even for kids who want to get innovative in making candles. These kits include all the equipment you need to get started, as well as supplies to make several candles.

We started out by using the stumps of old candles. My Grandmother saved all kinds of household items for art projects, and she used a lot of candles, so this first project lasted for a couple of days. We put the candle stumps in piles based on color. She cut the top off of a few cardboard mild cartons, and we proceeded to make rainbow candles. We melted the red candles, secured the wicks, and poured the first layer of color. Once that had dried, we poured the yellow. And so on…until we had our rainbow candles. This took quite a bit of time as we had to wait between the different shades of candle wax, so in the interim we went once again to the arts and crafts store and bought more supplies to make candles from scratch.

I had the wicks all set, and poured the wax into some large glass vases I had found at a garage sale. I was pleasantly surprised as the addition of the flowers and the coffee beans gave the candles a rich texture that you could see through the glass. And viola! my first scented candle making venture turned out to be quite successful. In the future, I will be working with candle making molds that work for holiday themes such as Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as molds that simply say Get Well or Happy Birthday. The possibilities are endless with the options of molds you can find. Many of the candles I make are simply the right color for my home. Adding scents to candles is not difficult, and in doing so you create a complete and wonderfully aromatic addition to your home for all occasions.

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