How To Update Your Social Media With One Site

There is no doubt most marketers want to grow their connections quickly and with minimum hassle. Not many achieve this. In fact, the average LinkedIn user has less than 100 connections. Besides that most people’s connections numbers remain stagnate. So, what can be done to enlarge your sphere of influence?

I know this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard this, but social media is an incredible way to get traffic to your website and/or business in record time. Submitting articles is very effective, but it takes a bit of time and consistency before you see measured results. With social media, you can set up Twitter, Facebook and Buy LinkedIn Accounts Online in a few minutes, start connecting with like-minded people and get traffic to your website in a jiffy.

Would you buy something a from a company with xeroxed flyers? Would you buy something from a company that hassles you by email or phone every day? Would you buy something from a company who’s website only includes a logo and contact information?

Optimize Keyword Use – One of the Twitter marketing tips often left unnoticed is keyword placing. It is the same with the procedures with full-length content. From your keyword list, select ones which would sound perfect for your posts. Make the most out of your 140 characters. Google is now giving high regard to the content of social media accounts since more and more people are turning to them as source of information.

Use the LinkedIn Share button that you can access from their website. It is easy to customise, adding your URL of your website and then deciding which of the three buttons you want to use. Using this tool not only you but visitors to your site can share your content to their network. You generate the code and then can add it to your site.

Just like the virtual world, internet world is also becoming full of frauds. Starting from phishing scams to hacking, today’s World Wide Web is said to be only 65% original. This in turn means that rest 35% is fraud. Same is the case with popular social networking and micro-blogging sites like Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter etc. Some does it for fun and some for business.

All three of these tips are free and will work. However, you must be consistent. Here’s a quick formula for being consistent without spending countless hours doing the above.

There are few LinkedIn members obtaining 100 contacts or more from people they already know. In fact, 98 of my first 100 connections were with great business contacts I never even knew of before I joined a group.

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