Discover The Top 3 Essential Bearded Dragon Care Tips

Bearded dragons are reptiles that are native to Australian and they can be found in the wetland areas as well as the desert areas. The most popular types of beardie come from the deserts. These reptiles are easy to handle and will be loved by all.

Heating equipment – the temperature in your tank should be kept at a consistent comfortable temperature. You can use heat mats, heat tapes or heat lamps. Just be sure that the heating source is in a place where your gecko could get burned.

Foods Terrarium workshop have to be the right size too. Vegetables should be minced into small pieces and some harder vegetables should be cooked to soften them up for easier digestion. Make sure the live prey isn’t too big, either.

Your orchid’s foliage should be yellowish and not dark green, if you get the light just right. Dark green means too little light and under these conditions, the orchid may not bloom.

Keep it clean. Don’t forget to remove uneaten food and waste from the cage quickly. Rotting slices of fruit or vegetables, or dead bugs are just not nice to look at (and your Mom or Teacher will complain too). Just like caring for other pets, a clean environment is very important for pet reptiles too. Think about where you will place your feeding bowls or where the water is going to be placed in the cage.

The home that you provide for your bearded dragon should be of an adequate size. Never house a beardie that is more than 6 inches in length from the base of the tail to the nose in a Terrarium that less than ten gallons, if you plan on keeping more than one beardie they should never be housed together especially males as they will fight each other. Two females can be kept with one male but the more beardies you have in one Terrarium team building Singapore larger the tank will have to be.

Now, that I have given you a brief description, let me get into the fun part. I talk to my anoles as I would a puppy. They respond to a kind voice, and at certain times during the day will sit and listen to me talk to them. Zyrtek will sometimes crawl up a leaf or sit on his perch just to listen to me. When he is content he will even wink at me. Yes, I know that it sounds silly, but he does. Gigi will allow me get close and she will be still and listen to me talk to her. The other two, will listen, but only from a distance. Again, it depends on what I call their “mood swings”.

Just keep in mind when you’re decorating your home not to over do it. If you have a small home with a lot of decor, try rotating some of your decor seasonally. Your treasures will stand out more and look better if they aren’t lost in a mass of clutter.

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