Candle Making Crafts – How To Make Money With Your Hobby

There are so many different types of candle making procedures that it is hard to choose which one that you want to try. For this reason we are going to go over the basic procedure for each form of wax. We are going to start with teaching you how to make a candle out of crayons.

Fragrance oils. To put more life to your gel candle, add some fragrance oils that are relaxing, stress free and can give a soothing sensation when you light your candle. There are a lot of supplies in the market. Manufacturers and suppliers recommend fragrance with a flash point of 200 degrees. When adding fragrance, make sure it complements the kind of density gel you are using and make sure that it is not flammable.

The first thing that you should have in your mind when making candle is to choose the right wax. If you don’t choose the right wax, the candle tends to bend. And if the wax is too sturdy, there may also be a tendency that the candle cannot burn through and through.

So what is needed for small scale Candle making workshop in your home? Wax is the #1 item. Since a candle is almost entirely made up of wax, let’s consider the different types of waxes that may need to be researched before you begin.

The size, shape, utility, and quality of the candles you plan to make should first be determined. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can plan what type of wax should be used. Some waxes are more common than others. Three of the most common types are gel wax, paraffin wax, and soy wax.

Now that you have explored wax choices, let’s talk wicks. If your candle had no wick, it wouldn’t burn at all! The wick runs from the top to the bottom of the candle so a flame can burn until all the candle’s wax has melted.

When making a fragrance with oils you want to be creative and mix scents together to make something that is unique and beautiful. Almost all fragrances have three notes to them. They are as follows.

Soy wax is considered as the most popular candle making. There are a couple of reasons why soy wax is all the rage. First, because it is plant based, it’s renewable. It lacks a natural scent unlike beeswax. This makes it perfect as a base for fragrance candles. On that same note, essential oils mix particularly well with soy, and should be considered for any type of aromatherapy candles. The wax gives off fragrance better than any of the other wax types. Lastly, soy wax is very popular because of its very high smoke point, which makes it possible for the candle to burn without giving off soot nearly as much as the other wax types. The biggest drawback to this candle making wax is that it tends to be more expensive and more difficult to find.

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