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10 Reasons Why BTS Music should be played
There’s a good chance that you’ve been familiar with the name BTS in the last few years. The boy band formed in South Korea has taken Asia by storm, dominating the K-Pop world and tearing down walls across the board. Their influence is so vast that even people who do not listen to K-Pop have likely been aware of them. This is why it’s no surprise that they’re getting more attention than before. After the announcement of the new album Love Yourself Tear, this is only getting better. If you’re still in the middle of whether or not to listen to BTS we hope these reasons will convince you to try their music. There’s no other band can bring you to laughter at some of their more satirical tracks while also giving you goosebumps at others? There are ten reasons why BTS music is an absolute must-listen:

BTS Can Teach Us a Lot to Teach Us About Love and relationship
BTS is a perfect example of the evolution of love. The band was first forming in 2013, they were a popular K-Pop boy group that was in love with the idea of love, but weren’t handling the messy aspect in a way. They poked fun at themselves for falling in love with the concept of love, telling fans that “I created a fake smile, so I could pretend that I was engaged.” As the years passed, however, the members were able to get over their fear of falling love. By 2017 Rap Monster was able to declare “I do not need to play the role of a fake for a second. I’m ready for the moment to confess that I was in love. I’m ready to admit that my heart raced.” Because they’re so young, BTS is also an illustration of how children can have mature concepts of love and relationships. BTS has had to deal with many issues of culture and societal issues, making their music extremely relatable. They’re not afraid to talk about relationships with other people who are similar to theirs, or to compare different cultures. The most recent album, Love Yourself Tear, is an excellent illustration of this. In one song, the group talk about how people often opt to dwell upon the bad aspects of their relationships , instead of the positives. To counter this they encourage people to “love the living person and not focus on the past.”

BTS Aids Us in Learning about the similarities between different cultures
BTS assists us to understand the similarities between different cultures. As a part of the K-Pop world, Rap Monster has had a chance to learn about other cultures through his time with BTS. One of the biggest similarities he’s noticed among Western and Eastern culture is the fact that they both have a lot of value on education. Additionally, he has observed similarities in values of families which includes the importance of family time. The track he’s on even discusses the importance of showing your family that they are important, particularly when they don’t feel like you do. BTS is also one of the most exemplary examples of how Eastern and Western culture can be mixed. The band members have toured numerous countries over the years, including those from the United States, Canada, France, and more. They have performed admirably in mixing different cultures into their music, which is evident in their songs.

BTS Is Rich in Spoken Word Content
BTS is a fantastic example of how music could be used as an artistic type that uses spoken words. They sing a lot in Korean but then use English to impart meaning for the words. This can result in some intriguing song ideas and is an excellent way to combine the two languages. BTS also has a lot of songs that are purely spoken word, making the songs more intriguing. These tracks are not meant to be sung and instead are utilized to bring more depth and emotion into the song. BTS frequently use foreign language in their songs, which allow BTS to investigate new ideas and concepts. There’s one song in particular that uses a lot of foreign words and is a great example of this.

Their Music is Incredibly Well Produced
BTS’s music is a great example of how professionally produced music can be. They’ve played with a range of different genres and styles when it comes to their music. This is ideal for a style that is different from other genres. There’s also a wide range of different musical styles in this album Love Yourself Tear, which is another excellent way to keep things interesting. The Love Yourself Tear also serves as an excellent example of how sound can be used to convey emotion and meaning. There are plenty of BTS songs that utilize the sound of music to convey a particular atmosphere or feel. This can be heard through the way the BTS members utilize their voices, as well as in the way that instruments are played. Read more about BTS Yet To Come MV here.

Their Music Promotes Self-Care and Empathy
The music of BTS is filled with self-care messagesthat encourage listeners to look after their mental health. They also promote empathy and kindness, making sure they encourage positivity through their music. BTS is doing a wonderful job of promoting self-care through their music, specifically with regard to mental health. They’ve discussed the importance of being comfortable with yourself as you are without trying to alter your self for others. BTS has also made use of their music to spread compassion, encouraging fans to treat each other with love and respect. This includes members of the band who have spoken out such as “Don’t make wishes without having a heart.”

They Make People Feel Certain Things
One of the great things about BTS’s music is that it causes you to feel many different things. According to the music, you could feel happy, you may get emotional, or you may even feel goosebumps. The group also makes use of a lot of different music and sounds to express different types of feelings. Guitars are used often in BTS which is usually to create music that is happy. Other instruments include the piano, drums, as well as synthesizers that can be used to produce the sound of emotion. BTS also alter their music based on the location where the band members are from in the world. That means you’ll have a unique experience with every member of the group.

There is More to the Band than just Music
BTS is a lot more than just music. They’re a band that encourages self-care and kindness while encouraging acceptance and love. It’s also a group that has shown plenty of resilience and courage in the face of lots of cultural adversity. Many people don’t realize the fact that BTS is a group made of five men who share a lot of important morals and values. They’ve also demonstrated an incredible amount of courage even in the face of death and have been very open about their battle with mental illness.

the Bottom Line
BTS music is a great illustration of how music can be used to create an artistic type of spoken word. They often sing in Korean but then they use English to give significance for the words. This results in fascinating song concepts and is a fantastic way to make use of the two languages. BTS is also an excellent illustration for the ways in which Eastern as well as Western cultures can mix. The band members have visited many countries over time which include those from the United States, Canada, France, and more. The band has achieved a remarkable job including different cultures in their music. This is evident in their many songs.

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